Our goal is to take the stress of purchasing or refinancing your home off of your shoulders.

Prior to closing we work with your realtors and lenders to review sales contracts.  We conduct title searches on the property under contract and provide title insurance commitments to buyers.  We prepare all necessary documents to facilitate the property and review loan documents.  We also prepare the closing disclosure, known in many instances as the CD, and provide a copy to all parties prior to the actually closing. 

During the closing we go over the Settlement Statement with buyers and sellers alike to provide an accounting for all funds in the real estate transaction.  We review closing documents with Buyers and Sellers and disburse all mortgage loan or sale proceeds.

When the closing is complete our staff makes sure that all lenders' requirements are fully satisfied and we record the land transfer documents in the Recorder's Office for the county in which the land is located.  We deliver all payoffs to appropriate lenders in a timely basis and finally, once all recorded documents have been returned to our office, issue title insurance policies to Buyers and Lenders.